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Decorative Eco resin coaster | tray | KIT | jesmonite | orange, blue & off-white

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3 possibilities for this illustrative pattern and minimalist colors off white, blue and orange.

- coasters
- 1 oval tray
- 1 rectangular tray

The pieces are made of ecological acrylic resin, a highly resistant, non-toxic material. Its texture to the touch resembles ceramic, combined with the visual porosity of polished cement, giving the pieces a unique identity.

The pieces are produced individually by a manual process in my atelier; they are unique.

As with all handmade products, due to the manual process and the characteristics of the material itself, small irregularities are common and provide the object with a unique identity. No two will ever be exactly alike, and this is what enchants me the most about this material.

All pieces are finished and polished with natural sealant, maintaining a non-toxic process from start to finish.

I will ensure the safety of the pieces in shipping, so that they arrive to you perfect.

Care for your pieces:
* Despite its high resistance to breakage, avoid hard knocks. No matter how resistant a material is, none is exempt from cracks and chips when under extreme impact situations.
* Although non-toxic, due to the material's characteristic porosity, it is not recommended for use in direct contact with food.
* You can get your piece wet, but also due to this natural porosity, remember to dry it very well to avoid stains.
* To keep it always looking like new, rub it with a dry cotton pad, and to clean it, always use a damp cloth.
* Do not use chemical or abrasive products and do not use abrasive sponges. With the indicated care, you will have a beautiful piece for a long time.